Anonymous asked: Please give us your least optimistic ETA for "Overseer 2". Your post can't seem to decide itself between "it'll be done as fast as a normal update would" and "this is going to take forever". No rush, though, I'm just curious.

Least optimistic ETA? I’d say January 2015. It mostly depends on how feature-complete we decide we want to make this overhaul before we release it to the public. If we’re aiming to wait until it’s on par with the current site feature-wise, then it’ll probably be closer to the new year. If we just release it when it’s a functional game (up to the BK fight probably) then we might see a release by… the end of September? Who knows. We’ll keep you all posted as things progress, though!


Anonymous asked: What about a really, really expensive item to remake your sprite? Some people are fucked because game balance assumes you have a 2000 power sprite, such as myself (30 power because I'm an idiot). Maybe only for non-canon sessions?

Where did we say the game assumes you have a 2000 power sprite??


Anonymous asked: Ask an encounter-skipping feature if the enemy is going to have less than 10% of your power level. Shit gets annoying when questing and having to stop to kill level 1 imps

If we did that, then you could fight infinite imps and grind yourself to rung 612 at no cost whatsoever. Not to mention there will be people with way too much time on their hands abusing that to get infinite grist.


Anonymous asked: Can we have an estimate of when the stock exchange will be open again?

Probably when Overseer 2 is finished.


Anonymous asked: "If you want to join another session without losing anything, you could always exile yourself :L" wut, does that mean there's a possibility from recovering from being exiled? How?

Exiles is another session. Exiling yourself puts you in the session Exiles. Therefore, exiling yourself is the only way to join another session. Is good joke.

2.3 is live!

It contains so many things that blah has apparently lost track of them all! The major changes are in the changelog though, and include NPC allies, new types of quest, significant upgrades to the versatility of status effects (which will naturally also be present post-restructure), and several more goodies.

An important announcement (also 2.3 will be released very soon)

First of all 2.3 is being pushed to live within the next few hours, so keep an eye out for details on that. Now, on to the main announcement:

So, when I started this project up I actually didn’t know any PHP at all (there’s a file called helloworld.php in the overseer directory, no joke). As a result of this, a lot of the foundation for the project’s code is actually…well, it’s not great. I did things the first way I could figure out how to, and since everything else got built on that it restricts us from doing a lot of things that really need doing (such as having players make a single account which can then have multiple characters in multiple sessions, rather than needing a new account for each character). Unfortunately, there’s really only one way to do this, and that’s a large-scale restructuring of the code itself

As a result of this, we are announcing a major re-release of The Overseer Project. It will be relocated to a significantly more powerful server (again!) and come with a large number of efficiency and good practice fixes that will make it easier for us to develop new content in the future. We will also be able to add the aforementioned “one account, many characters” system, which among other things will allow characters of the same name to exist (provided they aren’t in the same session!), which should help greatly with things like canon roleplays. This will also mean that things like player moderation levels will be applied to your account as a whole. Additionally, we plan to set up an Overseer IRC server and allow players to log into possibly that and definitely the forums and new wiki (which will be hosted on the new server rather than at Wikia) with their Overseer account, which should streamline a lot of the community stuff.

We are also taking the opportunity to tighten up how characters and items work, as well as adding some new grist types (such as Acid) to cover properties of items that were not well represented in the current grist system. There will also be some restructuring of grist tiers and how exactly the game determines what grist you get, again because the initial implementation of that was pretty haphazard.

Now, this does mean that old items and characters won’t fit the new format. HOWEVER! We WILL be allowing you to use your old logins to add old accounts as characters to your new account, and all items that exist currently will be kept in a database of “old items”. Base items will be ported across immediately, and any time anyone tries to make one of these old items they’ll be asked to “re-create” it to fit the new system. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like doing that: it will also alert us that the item has been requested, so we can modernize it with new grist types (if relevant) and maybe properties. Hopefully we can preserve all the old items while allowing them to take advantage of new item features, and this has the added bonus of letting us add weapon effects to older items that still haven’t been updated with them.

So in conclusion, this “Overseer 2” is still going to be the same game, just with additions and refinements that really should have been in place from the start but weren’t because I had no idea what I was getting into (and everyone else working on the game has had to suffer for that :/). Remodeling in this way will allow us to structure things to make them much more convenient for you and make it much easier (and in fact possible at all in some cases) for us to produce new and improved content. It’s also necessary to get a lot of community things going that I simply didn’t consider at the outset because I didn’t think we were going to HAVE a community. We’re going to try and get this all written up as fast as possible and of course Overseer itself will remain up in the meantime (with the new 2.3 content to play around with, even!), so hopefully this won’t be too much of a blip in anything but the process of adding new items (since “new” items from now are likely to end up obsoleted pretty quickly, we’d prefer new submissions to take into account the new item system. The new grists will be announced soon so that they can be suggested in submissions going forward)

Stock Exchange temporarily closed

Due to numerous complaints about balance/bugs and reports of exploitation, we have temporarily closed down the Stock Exchange to the public. It will no longer be possible to buy/sell Grist on the Exchange until these issues are resolved, which may or may not coincide with the release of the 2.3 update. Thank you for your time and patience.

Just a brief announcement

OVERSEER - I’m starting up a creator’s account on this new-fangled Patreon thing. Some of you may have heard of it already, it basically lets you make monthly contributions to a creator while they put their content up for free (it’s a nice alternative business model to directly selling things). I actually have a bunch of other things happening in addition to Overseer and this seemed like a good way to share them (and for a dollar a month, you’ll get to see early stage information for even more stuff!).

I’d like to stress once again that this in no way means I’m claiming the project as solely my own work. The page contains a link and information, but I strongly encourage other developers to do the same sorts of things with the project if they wish! I do think that I’ve contributed a fair bit though, and I’ve avoided doing anything like offering Overseer-related patronage rewards (like exclusive Q&As or anything) because that could definitely be seen as milking other people’s work for my own benefit (not to mention Homestuck itself).

So, yeah. The page can be found here, by clicking on this text that has been artificially extended in order to make it more noticeable, and I hope everyone enjoys the content I have to offer there! Patronage is appreciated, of course, but by no means necessary. Similarly, spreading the word would be handy but there’s no absolute need to do so.


Anonymous asked: Hello their, or salutations if you enjoy a more formal greting. This is Maicri Virgic from the Song of Nihil Session. This isn't really a problem, but I'd just like to say that I absolutely love this game. It is fun and I really wish that it got more attention. Thank you for making such an awesome website.

Thanks so much! We all love making something that people can enjoy, and if you want to give it some extra attention, tell your friends! That’s how we grow.