Stock Exchange temporarily closed

Due to numerous complaints about balance/bugs and reports of exploitation, we have temporarily closed down the Stock Exchange to the public. It will no longer be possible to buy/sell Grist on the Exchange until these issues are resolved, which may or may not coincide with the release of the 2.3 update. Thank you for your time and patience.

Just a brief announcement

OVERSEER - I’m starting up a creator’s account on this new-fangled Patreon thing. Some of you may have heard of it already, it basically lets you make monthly contributions to a creator while they put their content up for free (it’s a nice alternative business model to directly selling things). I actually have a bunch of other things happening in addition to Overseer and this seemed like a good way to share them (and for a dollar a month, you’ll get to see early stage information for even more stuff!).

I’d like to stress once again that this in no way means I’m claiming the project as solely my own work. The page contains a link and information, but I strongly encourage other developers to do the same sorts of things with the project if they wish! I do think that I’ve contributed a fair bit though, and I’ve avoided doing anything like offering Overseer-related patronage rewards (like exclusive Q&As or anything) because that could definitely be seen as milking other people’s work for my own benefit (not to mention Homestuck itself).

So, yeah. The page can be found here, by clicking on this text that has been artificially extended in order to make it more noticeable, and I hope everyone enjoys the content I have to offer there! Patronage is appreciated, of course, but by no means necessary. Similarly, spreading the word would be handy but there’s no absolute need to do so.


Anonymous asked: Hello their, or salutations if you enjoy a more formal greting. This is Maicri Virgic from the Song of Nihil Session. This isn't really a problem, but I'd just like to say that I absolutely love this game. It is fun and I really wish that it got more attention. Thank you for making such an awesome website.

Thanks so much! We all love making something that people can enjoy, and if you want to give it some extra attention, tell your friends! That’s how we grow. 


braindamagedfish asked: How exactly would one go about joining another session from the exiled session?

It can’t be done. You’ll need to make a new account if you want to join a different session.


scarlett-starz asked: Hello I'm LovelySnow from Synth session. I just got the Omniscient Recipe Calculator and it just times out on me. I even if we have a big Atheneum, I feel it still should work.

There are just so many codes in most atheneums that it’s impossible to calculate every recipe (so that it can randomly choose between them) without the script timing out. We’re still trying to come up with a solution for that one.


spiriah asked: I'm kineticArtificer from the session Skeleton Inquisition, and although I have spent 30,000 build grist on my house and can access 3 gates, I can only strife on my own land. Is this abnormal?

Your sessionmates must also build up their houses so that you have a gate to exit through without falling to your death. Gate 2 is the minimum to allow entry of the player’s client to their land.


Anonymous asked: hello, i was playing in a session with some friends, and the admin of the session told me i had to play a certain way, when i didn't do that he just kicked me off the session, simply for not using a weapon he wanted me to, is there a way i can report the user?

Unfortunately, the admin of a session has the right to do whatever they want with it. Including kicking people for stupid reasons.

But that’s okay, you can just make your own session! With blackjack, and hookers!

In fact, forget the session!


vinylcaledscratch asked: my ingame name is benignCelebration in the session Madness, and i can't fight in dungeons, because even though my health is at 100% and i've got 29 encounters remaining, whenever i try to fight enemies in a dungeon it says 'There are enemies in this room, but you do not have any encounters remaining or you're still down. You are therefore unable to fight them, and are forced to turn back.' i've tried clearing my cookies and logging in and out, but it still won't let me do it.

Were you KO’ed recently? You still need to wait 20 minutes to fully recover from a defeat, even if you get your health back up to max. You’ll recover in place of earning your next encounter.


hannahpocalypse asked: Hey!!! I was wondering about the possibility of a "Creative Mode" session? I enjoy the gameplay (and am in a session for that) but I also really love to submit items and come up with new concepts more than anything else. So I was wondering if a session could be made Creative Mode, where the focus is on making new items (so either increased grist drops or infinite grist, more inventory slots, etc) rather than on combat? After all, a "cheat" only causes the cheater to lose out on gameplay

This is an interesting idea. We already consider the main game mode a “sandbox” mode as there are no deadlines or major limitations like permadeath. However, adding in other features such as unlimited encounters and the ability to spawn any item or enemy would be excellent for testing purposes, not to mention a new way to have fun exploring everything the game has to offer without dealing with any of its constraints. We might consider throwing it in sometime in the near future, why not!


Anonymous asked: so when god tier is implemented, will there be more than one? will we get a kiddie camper handysash and badges to put on it?

Yes, leveling as God Tier is planned and will provide powerful benefits much like in canon.